EzePull - 4 in 1 Multi-Tool

EzePull - 4 in 1 Multi-Tool
EzePull - 4 in 1 Multi-Tool Product code: FEZ00050 In Transit £176.00  Inc. VAT
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Product Information

This is the original EzePull Fencing Tool, the EzePull 4 in 1 Multi Tool.

EzePull 4 in 1 Fencing Tool is a high quality crimping tool for our Strainrite 2.5mm Crimp sleeves, it's an excellent staple puller (see the video), it's an easy to use underground lead out cable stripper and finally the EzePull 4 in 1 is also a good fence wire cutter... Unfortunately, it's a rubbish hammer and using it as one will invalidate the warranty!

This is a professional grade tool that comes with a two year warranty, but with care will last much, much longer. Just lubricate all the moving parts using a standard motor oil (not a spray-on lubricant or penetrating oil). Oiling the tool is really important because some parts of the EzePull 4 in 1 fence tools can exert several tonnes of pressure during use and the regular oiling is necessary to ensure the EzePull 4 in 1 doesn't seize up or wear out before it's time!

Look after it and you will find the EzePull 4 in 1 is a brilliant, reliable tool that is lightweight and comfortable to use. It has stainless steel, hardened (cutlery grade) jaws, compact handles with comfortable rubber grips and for crimping it uses a strong, double action, "overcentre" lever action that you can rely on for crimps that prove stronger than the wire itself (assuming you're also using Strainrite 2.5mm Crimps).

  • Original EzePull 4 in 1 Fencing Tool
  • Crimps the Strainrite 2.5mm Crimp Sleeves
  • Excellent Fence Wire Cutter and Staple Puller
  • Lead-out underground cable stripper
  • Supplied with a 2 year warranty, but must be looked after: i.e. oiled and used as per the included instructions
  • This is a Rubbish Hammer!